Spot Genuine Pearls


Pearls are the only organic jewellery on earth. They are created with an oyster gradually coating many layers of natural minerals and proteins. These layers are referred to as nacre which gives pearls their beautiful lustre and colour. Each oyster takes at least six months to four years to make a pearl.

To quickly spot a real pearl from an artificial one (made of glass and plastic), here are a few guidelines:

Real pearls are made of nacre. When two pearls rub against each other, their outer layers create a fine, powdery, white residue called nacre.

Imperfections make them genuine. Genuine pearls typically come with imperfections (called spots) - and that's the beauty of being natural. So take a quick look at your jewellery and appreciate every spot on it. 

Genuine pearls come with the coolness of the ocean. They feel noticeably cool for a few seconds before they warm up. The feeling is similar to what you'd get from stepping barefoot onto a marble floor.

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